Pick up quality gourmet foods,

imported from Spain,

in our Spanish market.

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Spain celebrates each meal with family, friends and amazing food. A very important part of the Spanish culture is the diverse cuisine.   At The Spanish Square you can explore each region of Spain without getting out your passport!
Find any reason to celebrate with great food and company.

The Spanish Square

brings you the true

Spanish experience;

the food, the culture,

cookware, gifts

and more.


Cured meats are a fundamental part of Spanish cuisine. The Iberian pig is the principal staple for superior products and at The Spanish Square you will experience the best jamones and charcuterie in existence—not just within Spain—but in the entire world!



If you can think of a type of cheese, surely it exists in Spain. The most well-known Spanish cheese is Manchego, but there is a great variety of high quality cheeses from all over the country. The Spanish Square brings you a great representation of these Spanish cheeses including: cow, sheep and goat; mixed and pure; cured and fresh; smoked and spicy; wine; and blue, to name a few.



Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world. The country boasts great diversity in wine styles from established old world reds from to modern whites and traditional sparkling cava. Spain has so many wines to offer and explore and there is no better place to start than The Spanish Square!


Olive Oils and Vinegars

The Spanish Square offers flavorful, highest quality, authentic gourmet oils and vinegars. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is a 100% natural and healthy product that is produced from the best olives. Our vinegars are of the same high quality as our wines, with some aging for over 50 years!

Rice and Legumes

Traditionally Spain is an agricultural country. Garbanzos, lentils, beans and rice… you won’t find better than in Spain. Have you ever tried to make paella without Spanish rice? The Spanish Square offers great varieties of rice so you can create paella authentic of Spain.


Tuna, Boquerón or anchovy, mussels… Spain is surrounded by three seas. We have the best of these preserves at The Spanish Square. They are authentic Spanish specialties for the palate.


Picos – small Spanish bread sticks to accompany charcuterie, cheese or any tapa. In Spain they are as useful as your fork!

Ceramics and Gifts

Spain is a country rich in folkloric art. The Phoenicians, Arabs and Romans created a rich blend of cultures in Spain that combined for centuries to produce special ceramics, baskets and other beautifully handcrafted items. The Spanish Square offers a wonderful variety of authentic Spanish treasures – from Flamenco accessories to books, CD’s and more to enjoy at home or as gifts for someone special.

Paella Pans and Cookware

To cook like an authentic Spanish chef you need to be prepared! The Spanish Square offers everything you need to make the perfect paella… which starts with the pan! Find everything you need to cook for your Spanish fiesta at home. Don’t forget your sangria pitcher!


Saffron is the king of spices, and the best comes from Spain. However, The Spanish Square offers every spice you need to create wonderful Spanish dishes or to have in your kitchen. Keep paella simple with a spice mix, or try Spanish sea salt to finish off your filet.


Spain has many delicious drinks to quench your thirst. It is the homeland of Sangria, brandy and unique soft drinks.

“Nos vemos en la plaza” ~ We’ll see you at the square!