The delicacy of

Spanish cured meat.

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There is a great variety of cured meat in Spain.

The best meats come from the Iberian pig. When the pigs are left to roam free in the grasslands, they consume special acorns from the encina tree, a type of oak considered to be the sweetest in Spain. The meat that comes from these pigs are labeled as Denominacion Iberico de Bellota.

Jamon Iberico

Also known as Pata Negra, or black leg, is the back leg of the black hoofed Iberian pig. The legs are covered in salt and left to cure in bodegas (cellars) under strict and perfect conditions. The normal curing time is between eight and 36 months. The larger the piece of meat, the more time it needs to cure.

Caña de Lomo Iberico

Caña de Lomo is a cured meat made from the lomo, or pork loin from the Iberian pig, salt and just the right amount of spices. It is one of the most prized cured meats from Spain because of its high quality and savory taste.

Paleta Iberica

This is the front leg, or shoulder, of the Iberian pig. The main difference from Jamon Iberico is the size, as they are much smaller. That aside, it comes from the same qualifications as the Jamon Iberico.


Chorizo Iberico is made from the Iberian pig which produces some of the best chorizo in Spain. The quality of the meat and the levels of spiciness are two important things to consider when making chorizo. One of the main spices used is pimenton, commonly known to Americans as paprika. This smoked or sweet spice give this cured, dry meat its bright orange/red color, that makes it readily identifiable as it hangs in the markets.

Sobrasada & more

Spain is home to a diverse assortment of quality charcuterie able to satisfy any palate desiring delicious cured or stuffed meats. Some others that are available include sobrasada, morcilla, and butijarra. Spain has spent centuries perfecting their recipes and spices to make the best meats available.


Salchichon is similar to chorizo in style but very different in taste. This cured meat is a more natural color and is made with peppercorn. This gives it a distinct spicy flavor.

Lomito Iberico

Lomito Iberico not only has a very similar name to Lomo Iberico but also in taste, and is every bit as delicious. The main difference is that meat that is used for Lomito comes from the pork shoulder.


Morcon is a pork-based cured meat made with spices. It is cured at least 60 days.

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