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Searching for high quality, artisan cheeses of superior quality?

With 26 different, protected denominations of origin, Spain has all the tastes and textures you crave. We stock only the highest-quality cheeses. Come discover these culinary treasures at The Spanish Square.

Cheese - Manchego - The Spanish Square


Queso Manchego is hard cured, made from sheep’s milk and aged anywhere from 60 days to two years. We recommend enjoying a 12-month aged Queso Manchego with a Tempranillo wine from La Rioja. Produced in La Comarca de La Mancha in central Spain, Don Quijote, himself, ate this delicious cheese!


Idiazabal has an intense, full mouth taste with balanced flavors all working in unison. A slice of this cheese will provide intense flavors that will linger for a lasting finish and just a hint of ‘pica’ spiciness.


Roncal is made from the laxta sheep, which creates an intensely flavorful cheese with a bit of a bite. Made in the valleys of Roncal in Navarra, Spain, this cheese is unlike any other in Basque country.


This goat cheese has a buttery taste, is lightly acidic and spicy, with just a hint of salt. Made in the southeastern province of Caceres in Extremadura, this is a great cheese for any palate.

Garrotxa or Pell Florida

This 100% goat milk cheese is slightly acidic, but balanced with a little hint of sweetness and just the right amount of salt. Whether you call it Garrotxa for its geographic location, La Comarca de la Garrotxa in Gerona, or you call it Pell Florida (bloomy rind) for its aroma, we believe you’ll call it delicious!


Queso Tetilla cheese is a creamy, milky cheese with light acid and salt that can be sliced or spread on bread. Literally meaning “small breast,” it is a cheese from the north in Galicia made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Its name comes from its shape, formed from the funnel where the milk solidifies in the beginning of its production.


Zamorano cheeses offer a wide range of tastes from vegetable and floral, to fruits and a spiciness that increases with the time it spends maturing. These cheeses are made with local sheep’s milk in the province of Zamora in Castilla y Leon.

Torta del Casar

Torta del Casar has an intense flavor with a note of bitterness that is pure perfection. It is made from raw sheep’s milk and during the maturation process; this cheese is turned over daily to create the perfect form. The result is spectacular—a cheese with a semi-hard corteza (crust) that protects a creamy, ready-to-spread center.


This cow’s milk cheese exhibits distinct flavors, depending on the length of maturation. Tieno, a younger, smooth cheese has aromas of milk and pleasant notes of butter. Semicurado, a semi-cured variety has a more pronounced taste and a hint of hazelnut. Curado, a crumbly version, is cured for over five months produces more complex smells and tastes.


Each Cabrales is unique with milk used from cows, goats and sheep. A typical cheese from this region will have an intense taste and penetrating smells to match. Cabrales is a queso azul, or blue cheese, that is found in Asturias, in the north of Spain near the Cantabrian Sea.

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