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Need some new recipes to spice up your entertaining?

We’ve assembled some of our favorite recipes that are quick, easy to make and delicious to eat. (And drink! Sangria anyone?) These recipes are great for a quiet night in, or if you want to impress guests at your next party. 

¡Buen provecho!

RECIPE: Sangria

What is more perfect on a hot summer’s night in Spain, or Chicago, than a refreshing glass of Sangria? Fruity, flavorful, fresh nothing says festive like this delicious, fun drink! [...]

RECIPE: Gilda – Pronounced “Heel-da”

The gilda is one of the simplest tapas to make. It is actually a pintxo (peen-cho) that originated in Pais Vasco, in the Basque Country. You will see these in [...]

RECIPE: Pimiento de piquillo relleno

Known as stuffed piquillo peppers in english, the pimiento de piquillo is probably one of the most widely used vegetable preserves in Spain, and for good reason. This perfect tapa [...]

Spanish Food
Spain has a history of diverse cultures, which have heavily influenced its cuisine. Part of the reason the food is so special is because it has savored a little flavor over centuries.
-The Phoenicians played a role in making sauces what they are today, and the famous Spanish Olive wouldn’t exist without the Greeks.
-Its southerly neighbor, Morocco, introduced many spices and Spain itself is full of delicious natural resources that can’t be topped anywhere else.
The recipes today are what define Spain’s past.

“Nos vemos en la plaza” ~ We’ll see you at the square!