What is more perfect on a hot summer’s night in Spain, or Chicago, than a refreshing glass of Sangria? Fruity, flavorful, fresh nothing says festive like this delicious, fun drink! Have your own secret recipe? We’d love to taste it! Or, try one of our favorite recipes below.

Sangria is a special drink, because the wine and brandy made from Spanish grapes and the local fruit are the base of this delicious drink. Everyone’s recipe is a little different, with some people adding fresh melecotón (peaches) when they are in season, while others swap out normal brandy for peach brandy. Remember to plan ahead so the Sangria has time to absorb all the great fruit flavors!

2 apples (try pears instead or use both)
2 oranges
½ c Cardenal Mandoza Spanish Brandy*
¼ c Caballero*
¼ c sugar
2 bottles dry Spanish red wine*
1 can or sparkling soda water (optional)

* Note: These items are available in the market at The Spanish Square

Cut the fruit into cubes or slices and put in a large bowl. Mix everything together except for the sparkling soda water and pour over fruit.  Let sit covered over night (if you are in a rush min. 2 hrs).  To serve, pour into glasses over ice with the fruit. Top it off with the soda water for a refreshing Sangria sure to impress all of your friends and family!